ohcc appointments

Our office hours are 9:00AM to 5:00PM MONDAY through FRIDAY. Dr Osafo's clinic days are TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY for now. We break for lunch from 12NOON to 1:00PM. Sometimes this could vary depending on our patient volume. Walk-Ins are always welcome. If you are a walk-in your waiting time may vary due to scheduled patients. If you are unable to make your appointment, please call within 24hours to cancel and or reschedule your appointment.

Telephone calls

Your telephone calls to our office will be answered by one of our staff members. Only in urgent medical situations will the physician be called to the telephone immediately. In an emergency you will be advised to call 911. You are always welcome to call with your medical concerns.


Patients requiring medical care on an emergency basis after business hours should call the office manager at 309-208-0270 and she will answer your call. In the event of a life threatening situation please call 911.

medical records

All medical records are confidential. No patients information will be released without a signed consent. Patients medical record will be sent to another physician office upon the patient request and signed consent. Your medical records are kept in a state of the art electronic medical system.


For services not rendered at our office we refer our patients to exceptional offices and facilities and we request at least 48hours notice for processing referrals, except in emergency situations. After you have been seen for your referral we will discuss your report with you at your visit.

prescription refills

Medication refills request should be made by calling your physician's nurse MONDAY through FRIDAY. 9:00AM to 4:00PM. It is our policy not to authorize renewals on weekends when the physician has no access to your medical records.