ohcc weight loss program

Our experienced and motivated staff assist patients to lose and maintain their weight loss goals under the supervision of the physician. Our weight loss management program uses the most effective FDA approved medications in conjuction with balanced diet and exercise.

Dr Osafo is a board certified internal medicine physician, who strives to fight the war on obesity in our over weight nation. Dr. Osafo believes WELLNESS is the true target to permanent weight loss, so understanding your medical history and medication history is absolutely important to a safe and successful weight loss.

Dr Osafo understands each individual is unique, so he personalizes and tailors the weight loss program to each individual.


The Osafo Healthcare Clinic uses proven FDA approved prescription medications for weight loss. Please call us for more information.

our approach to weightloss

Before Dr Osafo creates your own customized medically monitored weight loss program, you will undergo an in-depth medical evaluation including;

  • A complete review of your overall health history
  • A complete review of all your medications and supplements
  • A complete dietary exercise and activity level
  • A complete psychological, social and sleep assessment
  • A comprehensive blood work to check for insulin resistance, thyroid function, cholesterol levels and other factors
  • An (EKG electro-cardiogram) to check your heart function
  • A physical exam to check your overall health

method of payment for weight loss program

Since most insurance plans do not cover weight loss we accept cash only at this time. We accept credit card payment also for your convenience.

Your costs include the dispensed medication and the physical from our office. Call to find out about our affordable rates and you will be on your permanent road to success.